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Hi Friends! Hope everyone has been dancing through September in a masked up socially distanced fashion,whilst washing your hands on loop and embracing your inner overly anxious, anti-social, nihilistic child! 

I won’t linger on The State of the World for too long, as there is enough sad news out there at present – all I will say is more than ever we should Be Fucking Kind to One Another!! (range of t-shirts coming soon). (“,)

Last month I wrote about release strategies for Independent Artists and Devised my own Throw Enough Mud at the Wall Strategy. I am releasing my “Sea Ink” EP as a BandCamp Exclusive on October 29th so more on how the strategy is going and my thoughts on BandCamp vs Spotify next month.

Today i’m delving into a super important topic and one I am still constantly learning about.


There are tonnes of ways to make money online with your music and generally speaking all it takes is persistence,patience and of course a bit of knowledge and skill! In this blog I will be focusing on 7 tried and tested ways plus some useful websites I have stumbled across.

1. Releasing your Music: Streaming Sites and or BandCamp

Starting with a more obvious option, If you are an artist, band or producer you probably already have or are planning to release your music. You can easily release your creations on all the major steaming platforms without the help of a Label or any middleman other than an online distributor.

Popular distributors include CDBaby, Distrokid, TuneCore, DItto, Spinnup, SongCast and Landr more about the pricing’s and pluses and minuses of each of these here:

Along with releasing your music on to all the major streaming sites and distributors or alternatively to this you can release your music Independently via your own website or via Bandcamp.

With Bandcamp you simply set up your account and you can instantly upload your Wav or Aiff file + Artwork and your all set; you can choose to offer your music for free, name-your-own-price or any fixed price. Bandcamp takes a revenue share of 15 percent on digital purchases. They also offer the option of selling merchandise, like T-shirts and posters, which includes a revenue share of 10 percent going to Bandcamp. More information on pricing can be found on their website.

2. Youtube and or Twitch

As an additional part of my “Throw Enough Mud at the Wall Strategy” I have set myself a challenge where I am going to Post a Video on Youtube everyday for 30 days, try to hit 1000 Subscribers and make some cash.

I’ll also be streaming on Twitch once a week but my main focus will be building up my Youtube Channel, more on how this goes next month.

I have heard of people earning £800 up to thousand’s through streaming on Youtube and Twitch just bare in mind in takes a lot of consistent hard work and energy to build your audience and generate a regular decent income.

More on making money from Live Streaming here:

3. Fiverr

One Silver Lining of Lockdown’s across the globe has been all the extra writing and Studio time us artists have found ourselves with. I can happily say I have got a tonne of projects finished that had been on the back-burner for months.

Musicians who have created more music with all their free time now need others help to complete their tracks – in comes Fiverr.

Whether you’re a producer, vocalist, sound engineer or songwriter; there are other creatives looking to get a quick turnaround using your skills. So naturally, Fiverr is one of the first places that musicians will start reaching out for fast, low cost collaboration.

Read more on making money using FIverr here:


Music libraries act as a quicker but perhaps less lucrative route into the world of Sync. They Help connect your music to the people who would use it for film, video, television, games and other applications. You get your music to the library, who then gets it to their clients. For this service, the library will usually take a 50% share of the income they generate.

The Pro’s: you can upload various beats that can be sold again and again for a price of your deciding and start making a regular passive income this way; The Cons: You could potentially make much bigger money from the same beats if you are willing to hustle and hold out for a Sync deal but theres no guarantees to getting one or if you do how long that will take.

Some Libraries and Stock Websites to check out include Pond 5, Audio Jungle, Audiio, Audio Network, and Jingle Punks.

More on making music for Libraries here:


Probably one of the best ways to generate regular work and income is Teaching, be it Vocals, Guitar,Piano or even Music Technology or Theory.

All you need to do is create your lesson plans, set your price and You can start advertising your services on Social Media, your website, Gumtree or use an external site like Tutorful,Superprof and My Tutor.

More on becoming a Tutor here:


Mixing and Mastering (provided you have got to the point you are confident in your skills and ability to turn tracks around relatively quickly) can be extremely Lucrative and well paid, though it is perhaps more demanding and time consuming than some of the other options on this list. Much like teaching you can advertise on your own Website, Gumtree, Socials or even create a gig for this skill on Fiverr, however I would say Fiverr may be best if you are looking to build up your Portfolio and willing to take a lesser rate.


Sync deals have become a musician’s financial dream in recent years. Competition is fierce but tales of bands making more money from 1 Film or TV Sync than they have in 10 years of Live Gigs are enough to keep us hanging on. Some websites to check out include Sentric, Syncr and Music Gateway.

More on Sync here:

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Sonic Spells

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When you know – Atmospheric Wannabes x Rachel Teixeira

I was floored by Rachel Texeira’s vocals on this soulful,electronic pop track by talented multi-genre producer Atmospheric Wannabes. Clean punchy drums, and a melancholy yet hopeful piano line underpin her emotive,powerful vocal. An addictive track you will want to spin again and again.  

Check it out here:

Holy Origin – Vestals

This experimental soundscape sucked me in to Vestals enticing distorted world.

Dreamy whirling synths and faraway bells ship me off to a pensive,ambient cloud.

Sensual,echoing vocals gently telling a story of creation, as if from far away in the mist.

Check it out here:

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