“Might go out myself for awhile meet strangers under the stars

Leave the Door Ajar

Hi i’m Pixi Ink – Welcome to my Songlab!

I’ve been pottering around London causing mischief and making music for a while now and thought it was high time I share my adventures with the world!

Sofa surfing, working in dodgy clubs until the sun comes up,writing songs on the nightbus, studying music in the day and living on a strictly homebrand noodle and cheapest energy drink diet might not be everyones idea of magic – but it has definitely been the creator of mine.

I’ve always thought that the best art comes from raw emotion,people searching and trying to find solutions within to their problems -turns out I have a knack for finding myself in problematic situations (example – the time I moved in with a guy who had a fetish for painting pictures of decapitated women , don’t worry its not as bad as you’d think , he just kicked me out and left me homeless after a few days- guess my head was the wrong size ) and therefore I won’t say I have a knack but I do have a need to write songs and express myself.

I’m constantly learning , perfecting my craft and trying to unravel the mystical ways of the music industry. I feel like i’m doing so steadily one project at a time!

The music game is savage – full of elitism,sexism and politics.

Trying to wrap your head around all of the above whilst focusing on building your brand , rehearsing , studying, networking , marketing yourself, promoting yourself and then maybe feeding yourself and keeping a roof over your head is fucking hard!

As much as I’m obsessed with magic the reality of this game is very rarely a dream come true unless you get lucky.

In this blog I aim to share real experiences in the hope of helping others like me who want to get into the music game but don’t know where to start.

I will be sharing weekly updates on my projects,blogs and reviews of tracks I’m feeling (feel free to send your tunes my way).

So hit me back just to chat…

Love Pixi Ink

“The work of magic is that it breathes and at every breath transforms realities” Rumi

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